Finally, at 2am, it starts…

Well, here it is: after suggestions from a few friends, one very encouraging acquaintance, and multi-years of persistent prodding from the Holy Spirit, I’m starting a blog. Is this the part where I explain what it’s going to be about? I literally (yes Adam, literally) don’t know, but I will. I’m new to the blogosphere so please bear with me…

This blog will largely be about my walk with the God of the Bible- the Judeo-Christian (I think I have that right), Trinitarian God. I might discuss current events, and maybe politics, but those will also be looked at and analyzed through a Christian worldview, which I’ll represent as faithfully, humbly and courageously the average sinner can. Although if you’re a Christian I guess that’s really a moot point of a caveat (see Philippians 4:13). I’ll also talk about, and in the same language as, a discipline that is an ever-growing passion of mine- Christian apologetics. If you don’t know what that is, the internet is full of information on it. I’ll add some online resources at the bottom of this post. To put it briefly though, as Jesus says in Matthew 22:37&38, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind”. While each of these acts of love to God affects the others, it’s the third that apologetics focusses in on. And I love it.

So I’m a Christian, but more specifically I’m a Christian in transition. I am progressing out of lukewarmness into boldness. To say the least, I’m going through a season of transition. From the world’s point of view, as far as my resume looks, I have no idea what I’m transitioning from and I don’t know where I’m transitioning to, but spiritually I don’t think I’ve ever felt more alive. Spiritually I DO know who I’m transitioning from having been to who I’m transitioning into (I think). The last 4 years have been especially incredible (use of superlative intentional and sincere. Oh, and I care about grammar and correct wording as you’ll learn), very, very difficult, humbling and root-deepening. And I’ll be honest- the future freaks me out a little. But WOW is it ever exciting!

In my next blog I’ll share about my background. I was afraid that might take me a long time to write, and it probably will, but I wanted to get this thing started before I put it off any longer. To give you an idea, however, I’ll say that my life so far seems to have been a perpetually messy mix of traumas and love right from since I was a child. Although as I’ve learned, that is what the human experience can so often be.

That actually brings me to the other very important reason why I’m starting this blog- to encourage! I’m very, very passionate about encouraging others in various ways, and I hope and pray that this blog will serve to encourage you- that is whether you’re a Christian or not. 

Please check out the links below- again, whether you’re a Christian or not- and we’ll see you next blog.,,, Names to google/youtube: William Lane Craig, Ravi Zacharias, R C Sproul, JP Moreland, Greg Koukl



About coralierose

I am 29 and live in Abbotsford, B.C. I'm a singer/songwriter, hiker, cook, lover of my friends and family, and I love the God of the Bible. I've learned that life might feel like a rollercoaster but I can trust in its Designer. Expect change and you'll be ready to change right along with it.
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2 Responses to Finally, at 2am, it starts…

  1. I’m stoked to see you’re doing this! Also, I’m thinking of attending the apologetics conference, which is unusual for me. The word ‘apologetics’ has had a lot of baggage for me up until now, but I’m feeling challenged to look outside my typical thought patterns. Also, the speakers just look awesome:)

    • coralierose says:

      Thanks! And you definitely should go to it, they have a really neat roster of speakers this year with different backgrounds and different communication styles. I’m really looking forward to it!

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