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I am 29 and live in Abbotsford, B.C. I'm a singer/songwriter, hiker, cook, lover of my friends and family, and I love the God of the Bible. I've learned that life might feel like a rollercoaster but I can trust in its Designer. Expect change and you'll be ready to change right along with it.

What’s Christian Apologetics? Pt 2 of 2

Why is apologetics important? Not only is apologetics important, it’s necessary. In my second year at university, I had an English prof I’ll never forget. On one particular day in this class we were discussing the historical context of a … Continue reading

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What’s Christian Apologetics? Pt 1 of 2

I’m passionate about Christian Apologetics. This is partially because it was a catalyst for my already-Christian world being turned upside down in an amazing way about four years ago, and partially because I believe in what it stands for- giving … Continue reading

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The Sound of Grief

I don’t know if it will ever make sense to me how one moment I can be smiling, laughing and content, and the next suddenly find myself transported to some place that’s like a dark, shadowy pit, and hearing someone … Continue reading

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Uncomfortable… In Thailand!

If you’re following my blog (or not), I told the first half of a story a few weeks ago entitled “Uncomfortable”. In it I observed how over the course of several months, I’d come to realize, or rather that God … Continue reading

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Apologetics- What It Is And Why It’s Important

I know this blog entry is not the conclusion to the previous one that I said I would do, but I’m going to delay that one to instead write on another subject I’m passionate about- Christian Apologetics. I do so … Continue reading

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I think I might have mentioned in my last blog that my next one was going to be an account of my life as a Christian. A “testimony” as we Christians call it. But I’ve sat down to write it … Continue reading

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Finally, at 2am, it starts…

Well, here it is: after suggestions from a few friends, one very encouraging acquaintance, and multi-years of persistent prodding from the Holy Spirit, I’m starting a blog. Is this the part where I explain what it’s going to be about? … Continue reading

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